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Nostalgia is part of me.
Subtlety is what I need.
Expressing my day will make things clear within me and with this,
I am free. :)



Love. I have not yet found it.

Sad. I am still in chains.

Lust. I am still with it.

Anger. I cannot control.

Forgive. I do know how.

Forget. I have not done it yet.

Sin. I am human.

Surrender. I am slowly doing it.

Faith. It will take these away from me.


Love. I will meet Him someday.

Sad. I will slowly lose it.

Lust. I will stop indulging myself.

Anger. I will control.

Forgive. He will teach me how.

Forget. I know you will help me.

Sin. I am sure you will accept these.

Surrender. I am completely in love with you.

Faith. I have it now because of you. 


Moon.  New York City.


Moon.  New York City.

Fall off,

Lengthy staircase, 

Heel injured,

Foot cramped.

Fell off, 

Arms caught,

Body leaned,

Legs trembled.

Fallen off,

Hearts beat,

Mouth stuttered,

Love dawned. 

He stands,

Nobody cares.

He talks, 

Nobody listens.

He explains,

Nobody understands.

He sits,

Nobody claps. 

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